Veritaseum (Reggie Middleton)

I found Veritaseum when I was looking for Veritaseum.

These were my exact thoughts: 

"Is it possible to be able to buy a house on the beach at Mexico and work from home on a nice, powerful laptop computer and make thousands of dollars every week?"

"How can I do that?" 

 "Can I learn the VALUE of a company by a deep, intrinsic research and analysis of the financial statements and other documents to KNOW, with 100% confidence if the company is stable and solvent, or if it is overvalued and about to fail and collapse?"

"Can I get RICH with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum, even though I only started in 2016?

These are only a FEW of my thoughts, and honestly, the third thought on Corporate Valuation did not come until AFTER I found Veritaseum and Reggie Middleton.

The beginning of this thing starts when a guy I know from social media pages invited me to look into Bitcoin. He sent a link like THIS to my facebook, inviting me to get $10 by getting a FREE account on Coinbase. This was in 2015. I didn't use the link until a year later.

*FYI...I want this narrative to also be a GUIDE for people that may be new to the digital currency (cryptocurrency) ideas.

Once I followed the link and signed up, I started to buy Bitcoin. The price was rising and everything was cool. I went to thank the guy and found an interview with Reggie Middleton on his page. Once I heard that interview, I wanted to know MORE about this young man that was forecaster  of the MAJOR financial collapse of Lehman Brothers, Bear Sterns, etc. I wanted to learn the information that gave him the knowledge to do those calls.

At this time, I started to read Reggie Middleton's Boom Bust Blog.

I wanted to learn...but I also wanted to MAKE $$$...

Veritaseum website:

More to come...

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