Teotihuacan IS Heliopolis...BRANDING A NEW CULTURE.

This is one of the most exciting times of my life!

I want the world to join in the passion and get involved with this. Teotihuacan is Heliopolis is the FIRST phase of my life where I dedicate to branding a new culture. Not just a clothing line.

Fact is...we have MANY cities in Mexico, Central America and South America that, until now, have been hidden. Although their buildings and courtyards and pyramids have been cleared from the lavish green canopy and covers of the jungle, the real, authentic ancient histories of these places are STILL hidden. 

Teotihuacan is Heliopolis is ONE of them.

How to CONVINCE the world of scholars and scientists that the ancient cities of Egypt, Greece, Phoenicia and hundreds of others were in the Americas during ancient and biblical times will certainly be a challenge...but it WILL also be so much fun!

I want to emphasize on the FUN part. Let's share the deigns and T-shirts. Spread the word about the BRAND. The background history maybe too detail for most people right now.

We will eventually get into the astronomy culture of the Aztecs and the deep mathematics of the Maya. For now...think ART and clothing! T-shirts especially!

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