Teotihuacan IS Heliopolis

I have been working on the TEOTIHUACAN IS HELIOPOLIS brand and campaign for a while now. maybe, one year. Compared to the EIGHT years I worked on Corn In The Bible® and Corn In The Bible® Means Maize...this is STILL very new and exciting!

While talking to someone on the internet about the reality of ancient Heliopolis being the city called Teotihuacan in Mexico, this individual said..." I googled Teotihuacan is Mexico,...I am interested in knowing more of what you are talking about... and I only found some pictures of T-shirts and some Instagram pages. There were no academic articles on the subject."

I thought to myself..."People REALLY don't get it! They just DO NOT understand."

Most of it has NOTHING to do with them not being well read and familiar with the ancient Greek histories called "Classics"... or, the text of ancient Egypt. The shroud and heavy veil of gross ignorance REALLY based on their INDOCTRINATION into the FRAUD called racism and the HOAX called race. Unfortunately, that is what ALL of this is about!

Somewhere in the back of people's mind is a trigger that is STUCK. Jammed. They REFUSE to acknowledge the facts when presented because they KNOW, subconsciously, that if they ALLOW Teotihuacan, Mexico to BE Heliopolis...everything that they have EVER believed about history, race, America, life and themselves would somehow collapse.

Truth DESTROYS falsehood. But, that method id so brutal and serious that I wanted to lighten the burden by offering it in a fun way with T-shirts and hoodies. 

But...on the back burner IS the relentless and unforgiving effort to EXPOSE the truth and re-write the FRAUDULENT, ABUSIVE and RACIST lies written into American history and world history.

Nobody that works in "academia" or that considers themselves an ACADEMIC will EVER admit that the history of the world is baaed  on lies. That would mean that THEIR own life is based on lies. It would also mean that they have to first realize that all of their work is bogus...and that they will need to spend the rest of their lives CONTINUING to promote the fraud that they were taught.

That is a HEAVY load.



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