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October 14, 2017...a LOT going on. The STORE SEO is on my mind.

Very interested in starting this blog up properly. :)Having some SEO issues with my store. I have a license agreement with Veritaseum and Reggie  Middleton to make a sell Veritaseum Tee Shirts.   So I built a store and pay MONTHLY to have a secure and safe checkout cart through this platform here:www.GetItFromMike.comI went online to check the ranking of Get It From Mike with the #VERITASEUM brand and NOTHING came up! As you probably understand, I NEED to have the top ranking for this.When I checked ANOTHER search engine...the correct info came up: (That LONG link is from DuckDuckGo.This is from GOOGLE search engine: am NOT happy with the results from GOOGLE because the STORE does not come up on the first couple of pages. There...

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