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Veritaseum (Reggie Middleton): Introducing the Veritaseum Rental Facility - Early Beta

I luv positive feedback. I will run through a VeADIR transaction using Jamaica Stock Exchange, actual digital & real assets & VERI rentals...- Reggie MiddletonWe are VERI excited about the development of the NEW beta of the Veritaseum RENTAL software. The details can be found on the Veritaseum website: the JOINT VENTURE with the Jamaica Stock Exchange, the future looks very promising and the opportunity to start to create generational wealth is upon us. Update on Jamaica...August 24, 2017

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Welcome to the Get It From Mike Store

The idea for the GET IT FROM MIKE store is to feature and  sell products from various artists, businesses and vendors from all over the world. We want this store to be the BIGGEST AND BEST location for local and international artists to sell their creations on t-shirts (and prints), as well as creating and selling other items. The best quality and the coolest art and business on the internet.We also accept BITCOIN. Feature image of COCOJIN album art by Kayolaswan:

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